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Monday 2 May 2011

Some Truth About Youth

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"Outside of the more serious side of institutional documentaries and photography, I have also made films around social issues, one for The British Youth Council who recruited ten young people to make a 40 minute documentary. The film named: “Some truth about youth”, focussed on the political movements and personal stories in which young people have been able to make a difference. As part of the film, we interviewed well known politicians such as Peter Mandelson. Screenings of the documentary have taken place at the British Film Institute and at BAFTA in London along with being shown on the Community Channel and 1000 DVD’s were distributed to various schools and schools and youth clubs in the UK. The film-makers scooped the accolade of ‘Best broadcast created by young people’ in the Positive Images Awards."
The full film is available here: Some Truth About Youth